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Meaning of the name

Melania in translation from ancient Greek means "dark", "black".


Little Melania is a somewhat restless, but still quite balanced girl, by temperament - choleric. At school, she does not differ in perseverance and perfect discipline, but, having an excellent memory, she usually studies well. She is sociable, has many friends, but is touchy.

The adult Melania has a strong will and a well-developed intuition, however, when making decisions, she prefers to be guided by intelligence and logic. He treats colleagues at work as potential opponents, but tries to pacify his aggressiveness.

Friendly, but capable of being aggressive if her interests are affected. Likes to teach both friends or relatives and employees.

She is very persistent in achieving her intended goal. She is extremely efficient, a good specialist in her chosen field of activity. He achieves what he wants with his own efforts, without patronage.

Achieves professional skills in medicine, pedagogy, linguistics, agronomy, catering, pharmacology, exact sciences, business. Proud and proud, in anger he can lose control of himself.


Melania is beautiful and charming, sexy, but does not give in to impulses of sensuality, she shows aggression towards men. In sex, he longs first of all to get pleasure, and only then to satisfy a partner. In bed, he prefers a leading role.

Melania chooses a life partner for a long time and in detail, her marriage is most often based on calculation, and not on passion or tender feelings. She takes the bonds of marriage extremely seriously, she is not inclined to betrayals. She is economical, a wonderful housewife, a loving mother.

However, sometimes Melania is not averse to shifting some of the purely female work to her husband. He occupies a leading position in the family, but never demonstrates the essence of the relationship with a spouse in front of strangers, preferring the role of a humble wife. Does not tolerate objections, rarely gets along with her mother-in-law.



A rock

Moonstone, heliotrope.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Melinia gives the impression of something feminine, safe, kind, gentle, slow, short.

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