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Meaning of the name

Miroslava translated from the Old Church Slavonic means "peace and glory", "glorifying the world".


Since childhood, Miroslava has shown perseverance, but is often stubborn, daring and mischievous, fights with boys. It is difficult to call her an obedient and quiet good-girl, rather the opposite.

Miroslava often argues with her parents over trifles, does not take part in housekeeping. She is very capable, but she can rarely find a common language with teachers, often conflicts with them, so she does not receive very high marks.

Growing up, Miroslava learns to control herself, becomes more calm and restrained. Remains just as stubborn, but knows how to admit his mistakes and wrong.

Miroslava is mobile, talkative, resourceful and sharp-tongued, athletic, enjoys mountain skiing and mountaineering, wrestling. She goes on hikes, travels a lot (with the exception of the Miroslavs, born in spring - they prefer to stay at home).

Adult Miroslava is distinguished by persistence and ambition, striving to achieve the best results. She is capable and hardworking, knows how to get along with people, is a master of her craft, quickly moves up the career ladder. She has many friends whom Miroslava is always ready to help in difficult times.

Miroslava, born in spring, has a soft, compliant character, does not like to go to parties, does not tolerate long trips and travel. A stay-at-home, very hospitable, attentive and caring.

Born in the summer, on the contrary, loves long trips, so she most often chooses a profession associated with frequent business trips. She is energetic and impetuous, somewhat harsh, experiencing a constant thirst for activity. The bosses appreciate her as an active, hardworking employee.


Miroslava is sociable, prefers to be more friends with men than with women. Indulgent towards compliments from male fans. He is in no hurry to tie himself by marriage, he creates a family late.

She is extremely jealous, tries to restrain herself, but she does not always succeed. She is very sexual, her passion is so strong that it captures not only herself, but also her partner. Miroslava does not forgive betrayal, expressing to the man in the face everything that thinks of him, leaves, loudly slamming the door, but not for long.

This woman is notable for enviable constancy, so after some time she comes back. He does not like to do household chores, spends more time at work than at home. An exception is the Miroslavs born in spring.

Miroslava gets married early and, usually, successfully. She is not inclined to betrayal, never provokes quarrels in the family, it is hard for her spouse to be unfaithful. She will never agree to a divorce, she is making every effort to restore a shaken relationship with her spouse.

Miroslava is a very decent person, sweet, pleasant, reliable. She is a good housewife, she cooks well, cleanliness and comfort always reign in her house.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Miroslav gives the impression of something feminine, safe, kind, gentle, short.

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