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Meaning of the name

Naina means "innocent" in Hebrew.


As a child, Naina is cheerful and playful, it seems that no troubles can sadden her. She looks at everything and looks closely - neither a bug crawling in the grass, nor a bright flower, nor a strawberry berry hidden under a leaf will escape her attention.

She is "why" and as soon as she learns to speak, she literally bombards her parents with thousands of questions about the world around her. True, she can ignore some answers, switching too quickly from one subject to another, because Naina asks some questions more than once.

Parents and teachers will have to work hard teaching Naina the ability to concentrate on one subject for a long time. She does not differ in perseverance, but she will have an excellent memory, which allows her to successfully master the school curriculum. She has many friends in the class, whom she often changes, quickly becoming disillusioned with friends and girlfriends.

The adult Naina tries to explain everything in life and put it on the shelves. She is persistent in achieving the goal, meeting obstacles in her path, either overstepping, not paying attention, or taking by storm, making every effort for this.

Obligatory, punctual, prudent, although somewhat superficial and may simply not notice some important details, her well-developed intuition does not allow her to make serious mistakes. He is quite successfully moving up the career ladder, enjoys the respect of colleagues and the trust of his superiors.

Naina never blames others for her mistakes and mistakes, she is self-critical, always soberly evaluates her strengths and capabilities. Can achieve success in any field of activity.


Naina is extremely attractive in appearance, intelligent, restrained, loves everything refined and sophisticated, very patient, has good taste. Passionate and sexy, her passion flares up instantly, she can agree to intimacy with a barely familiar man. In sex, she takes an active position, is hot and frantic, can indulge in love pleasures in any setting.

A dreamer and an inventor, she is able to give her partner an unforgettable erotic sensation and to enjoy intimacy herself. He intuitively feels what a man needs, and, not allowing himself to be commanded, fulfills all his subconscious desires and the most secret erotic fantasies. However, the flame of her passion is quickly extinguished, and if the partner turns out to be not at all like the man of her dreams, Naina will part with him without regret.

In family life, she manifests herself as a faithful wife and loving mother. If possible, he prefers the role of a housewife, devoting all his time to raising children and household chores. Children are the center of her life, therefore, if possible, she tries to live closer to them, even when they create their families.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Nain gives the impression of something courageous, big, majestic, good, simple, beautiful, smooth, powerful.

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