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Meaning of the name

Nazar translated from Hebrew means "dedicated to God."


Nazar is lively, agile, talkative, sociable. Likes active sports: football, acrobatics, rides a bicycle; successes are achieved by "winter" Nazars. Likes to read, especially adventure. Loves to listen to music, is fond of numismatics.

He is executive, always helps his parents, he has many friends. Does not participate in crowded games, dances. Likes to spend time with her only real friend. Polite to old people, willingly answers questions.

Summer-born Nazars are very similar to mothers; they are withdrawn, they ponder their actions and decisions for a long time, are serious, show themselves little in life. Intelligence allows them to form an opinion about the people with whom they communicate.

Professions: engineer, designer, investigator, director, entrepreneur, prosecutor, singer, musician, film actor, driver, historian, cameraman, artist. They are relatively little influenced by external events, much more important is their own view of things. They don't like to move to another job for no reason. Before getting down to business, they think for a long time, prepare the ground.

Marriages are accommodating, same-sex children are born. They give them a lot of attention. They love to ski in winter in winter and to fish in summer. Neat and children are taught to be neat.

If Nazar likes a woman, then he carefully tries to win her over, without resorting to rough pressure. Marriage for Nazar means the merger of two destinies, which should be based on deep love.

He can enter into a marriage union only with that woman who suits him sexually: very affectionate, gentle, tolerant, that is, corresponding to his ideal. He appreciates nothing more than the support of his beloved woman. She must be strong and consistent in order to help him gain self-confidence and make him believe in his own worth.

Every time Nazar is difficult, she must make a vital decision, do everything in her power to dispel his doubts and establish in the consciousness of the righteousness. She should become for him a protection and support, constantly think about strengthening the union. However, she should not establish her dominance over him, this will humiliate his manhood.

Sexually, the spouse should be very empathetic and tolerant. Nazar cannot be denied intimacy, it hurts him very much. He cannot, like another man, seek satisfaction on the side and withdraws into himself, loses the acuteness of his feelings for his wife.


In his youth, he is very shy in relationships with girls, too indecisive. Sexually, Nazar is persistent; even if the relationship does not work out, he strives, asserting himself, to give maximum pleasure to his partner, and then he will decide whether it is worth continuing to meet with her.

He is very gentle and affectionate, and demands the same from his partner. He knows how to win over a woman to himself, to caress her, to gain confidence, even to fall in love with herself. However, he does not relax, basking in the rays of female love, but seeks to give his friend maximum pleasure.

He never abandons women in love with him, cannot hurt them so painfully. Maintains a relationship for a long time, until the partner realizes that nothing serious will come of it.

The amazing touches of his hands especially stimulate a woman. His fingers, like those of a pianist, never know rest, they are too sensitive and emit peculiar impulses. It is impossible to resist the caresses of Nazar.

He is unhurried in sex, loves long foreplay, all kinds of affection and tender confessions. He does not devote much time to intercourse itself, but enough to feel all the acuteness of delight.

He perfectly knows the character of the partner, has an active erotic imagination and developed intuition in relation to women. He can find a common language with the most intractable partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

A fish.


The sound of the name Nazar gives the impression of something majestic, rude, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, bright.

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