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Meaning of the name

Nana in translation from Georgian means "kind", "gentle".


Little Nana is distinguished by curiosity, attentiveness and a calm, meek disposition. She knows how to get along with her peers, she will never give herself offense. Nana has many talents, loves to draw, is very musical, especially if she was born in December. She has a well-developed imagination, comes up with new games, interesting stories, an excellent storyteller.

At school, Nana manifests herself as an obligatory, responsible student, she will never let down either the teacher or classmates. She has an organizational talent, participates in all school holidays, often in the role of a leading or main character.

The grown-up Nana is smart and circumspect. She makes a lot of efforts, trying to ensure herself material wealth. She understands that material well-being makes it possible to become independent of everyday circumstances, after a while allowing her to do what she loves. Most often, she chooses a profession related to her hobbies, becomes a teacher-philologist or art critic.

Nana is down-to-earth and adventurous. She is a born organizer, she can lead a team, preferably a male one. But the performer from Nana turns out to be just wonderful - she is obligatory, proactive, full of interesting ideas, for the implementation of which she quickly finds like-minded people, since she has an excellent intuition and feels who can be her like-minded person.

Also, Nana will always help to realize an interesting idea of ​​a friend. Her colleagues respect and appreciate her, Nana is usually in good standing with her superiors. She is extremely prudent, will never act at random, all her steps and actions are thought out and weighed. She never stops halfway and always reaches her intended goal.

Nana's creative nature always finds a way out, even if the work of this woman is in no way connected with the sphere of art, she is fond of theater, attends all kinds of art exhibitions, concerts of classical music. She has a delicate taste that manifests itself in everything - in clothes, cosmetics, apartment furnishings and the design of this beautiful and extravagant woman's workplace.


Nana is an extremely active woman, and when choosing a candidate for husbands, she is looking not only for a passionate lover who can please her in sex, but also for a creative, enterprising person.

In bed, Nana takes a rather active position, however, if a man shows a more violent temperament, he gives in to him. She is sensitive, intuitively feels what the partner needs, and is able to give him satisfaction and enjoy intimacy.

Nana's marriage is usually successful, she has a strong family and wonderful children. She is not only a wonderful hospitable hostess and caring mother, but also the first assistant in the implementation of ideas and building a spouse's career.


Black, pink.

A rock

Jasper, chrysolite.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces.


The sound of the name Nana gives the impression of something courageous, brave, big, majestic, good, simple, loud, beautiful, powerful.

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