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Toms Law on Marriage in Happiness

The duration of a marriage is inversely proportional to the time spent preparing and holding a wedding.

O'Reilly's observation

If there is something eternal and indestructible in the world, it is not love at all, but plastic.

Murphy's first law for husbands

If you walk into the store right after your wife's birthday, you will see that the price you gave her recently has been reduced by 50 percent.


If you have a wife with you, she will think that you have chosen this little thing because of its cheapness.

Murphy's second law for husbands

The gifts you buy for your wife are never as welcome as the gifts your neighbor gives to his wife.

The matrimonial bed rule

Whoever snores falls asleep first.

Mason's law

On the very day when you are ready to sell your own soul for something, it turns out that the soul market is oversaturated.

Martha's Beauty Salon Act

The most flattering reviews for your hair will come the day before you get your hair cut.

Reynold's Climatological Law

The wind speed increases in proportion to the cost of the hairstyle.

Mail delivery laws

1. Love letters, business contracts and money owed to you always arrive three weeks late.

2. Waste advertising and other trifling mail arrives on the day it is sent.

Macloulin's law

In every family tree, John Smith from London will be found in one of the key positions.

Mosquito principle

If two are walking, then harmful insects will press only on one, leaving the other alone.

Shrimpton's Law

When the opportunity flips and the trumpet calls, you have headphones on your head.

The underlying principle of sociogenetics

High moral character is a recessive property.

Meader's Law

Whatever happens to you, it previously happened to each of your friends.

Hartley's Law

Never go to bed with someone who has more problems than you.

Beckhap's Law

The product of beauty and intelligence equals a constant.

Connolly's postulate

Don't go crazy - go somewhere else.

Cohen's law

People are divided into righteous and sinners, and the righteous divide them.

Burra's law

Everyone who is popular is doomed to human dislike.

Bierce's definition

Ham is a person who speaks and speaks when you want him to listen.

Keller's postulate

Sooner or later they will say about any of your successful photographs that there you are completely different from yourself.

Tom's law

When you finally meet the perfect woman, it turns out that she intends to wait for the perfect man.

Mander's theorem

For every "5" rating, there are actually five "1" ratings.

Kent Family Law

Never change your plans because of the weather.

Rev. Father Chichester's laws

1. If the weather is extremely bad, church attendance will drop.

2. If the weather is exceptionally good, church attendance will drop.

3. If the church messenger is not delivered in enough copies, the church attendance will exceed all expectations.

Arthur's laws of love

1. People you are attracted to invariably say that you remind them terribly of someone else.

2. The love letter that you finally have the courage to send is in the mail long enough for you to be a fool who makes fun of yourself after its delivery.

3. The romantic gestures of others look new and charming. Your own romantic gestures seem silly and awkward.


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