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Ayge - ancestor
Alrekr - the all-powerful, ruler of all
Alviss - wise
Alpha - elf
Anand - the triumph of the ancestor
Anander - the triumph of the ancestor
Anvindr - the ancestor's triumph
Andor - eagle Thor
Anleifr - heir, descendant
Ari - eagle
Arngeir - eagle spear
Arne the eagle
Arnkell - eagle helmet, eagle protection
Arnljot - eagle
Arnlog the Eagle Follower
Arntor - eagle thor
Asbyorn - the divine bear
Asgeirr - Spear of God
Ascetyl - cauldron of the gods
Asmand - protector of god
Asmander - the protector of god

Bjart - bright
Bjorg - help
Bergtor - spirit thor
Baldr - Prince
Brokk is a mythical dwarf who made Thor's magic hammer
Brueder - a dream
Brandr - sword
Brandt - sword

Varg - wolf
Vermand - the protector of man
Vizer - forest warrior
Vitarr - forest warrior
Woland - military territory or battlefield

Galbrandr - Sword of God
Gannarr - Warrior
Gjerd - God's World
Greggers - cautious, alert
Gutbrand - the sword of god
Gutbrandr - the sword of god
Gutleif - descendant, heir of god
Gutleifr - descendant, heir of god
Gutfreet - God's World
Gutfritr - God's World
Gandalf - elf's wand

Dagfinn - finn of the day

Ing is the forefront
Ingvarr - warrior
Ingjoldr - pay to compensate
Ingling is a descendant
Ingolfr - wolf
Injimarr - famous
Injimer - famous

Koli - black, coal

Liulfre the wolf
Logmedr - lawyer
Logmair - lawyer
Logmaster - lawyer
Loki the schemer

Mats - a gift from God
Morten - from Mars

Njal is the champion
Njol is the champion
Chickpea - knot
Njordr - strong, energetic
Njortr - strong, energetic
Nutr - knot

Auden - Frenzy, Inspiration, Anger
Odd - item (weapon)
Oddmand - item (weapon) and defense
Oyvind - island wind
Oystein - the stone of the island
One - madness, inspiration, anger
Ol - heir, descendant of an ancestor
Olav - heir, descendant of an ancestor
Onandr - the triumph of the ancestor
Ormarr - army of the serpent
Peder - rock, stone
Petter - rock, stone

Roald - famous ruler
Rig is the king
Ragnvoldr is a wise ruler
Randalfre - the wolf of the shield

Svein - boy
Sverr - wild, restless
Sjerd is the guardian of victory
Sigherdr - Guardian of Victory
Sigertre - Guardian of Victory
Sindri - sparkle
Sumarlidr - Summer Traveler
Sumarlithr - summer traveler
Simen - hearing
Syndrome - sparkling
Snor - striker
Stein is a stone

Tulleck - Thor's game
Tollek - Thor's game (involving weapons)
Tyr is a god
Thomas is a twin
Torbjorn - Torah's Bear
Thor - thunder
Thorgeir - Thor's spear
Thorger - Thor's spear
Tordjils - the arrow of Thor
Thorjorn - the bear of Thor
Torgnir - the voice of Thor
Tordjisl - arrow of the torus
Thormod - the mind of Thor
Torketill - torus cauldron
Torleikr - the game of Thor (involving weapons)
Tormotr - the mind of thor
Thorstein - the stone of the thor
Thorsteinn - the stone of the Thor
Truls - the arrow of Thor

Finnr - from Finland
Folquartre - the guardian of the people
Folkware - the guardian of the people
Folk - tribe
Folkor - the guardian of the people
Freyr - meadow
Free is lord
Fritjof is a peaceful thief
Fritjofr - a peaceful thief
Froud is wise

Hakon the tall son
Halbjorn - the rock bear
Hallward - swing the defender
Halldor - Rock of Thor
Holdor - Rock of Thor
Hallvardr - swing the defender
Hallwartr - swing the defender
Hallstein - mountain stone
Halltor - the rock of the Torah
Hjalmer - warrior of the helmet
Holger - Isle of the Spear
Holmgeir - Isle of the Spear
Holmjer - isle of the spear
Hrolfr - the famous wolf
Haward - high defender
Havearth - high defender
Havartre - High Defender
Haekon - the tall son
Halstein - Mountain Stone
Haltor - Thor's Rock
Halfden is half dane
Helvard - swing the defender
Halvden - half dane
Helvor - swing the defender

Chetel - cauldron, kettle

Edgill - small edge of the sword
Eivindr - island wind
Eileifr - heir
Eirik - ruler
Eisteinne - the stone of the island
Eitri - the mythical dwarf who made Thor's magic hammer
Espen - Foresight

Jarl - Earl, Nobleman

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