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Meaning of the name

Olga in translation from the Scandinavian means "saint", "worthy".


Little Olenka takes everything seriously and thoughtfully, is very touchy and vulnerable, in response to a harmless remark, she may burst into tears or withdraw into herself. Stubborn, never the first to ask for forgiveness.

In his school years he studies without much desire, although he has good abilities. Within the framework of the school curriculum, she learns the material well, but, say, if she agrees to write an essay or report, then she is reluctant.

Olga does not enter into conflict with teachers, keeps in the shadows, is unlikely to agree to be the head of the class. She has many friends among boys and girls, classmates treat her with respect.

Adult Olga is quite ambitious, but inactive and indecisive, therefore she rarely achieves great success in life. She is prone to overly picky introspection, often jealous of more successful friends, but will never slander them or weave intrigues - this is not in her spirit. Olga is kind, reliable, and this more than compensates for some of the shortcomings of her character.


Olga is sweet and feminine, has good taste and, if time and money permits, she must visit beauty salons. She is sensitive, passionate, sexy, she has many fans, but if Olga's first love does not end in marriage, she does not agree to a serious relationship for a long time.

Olga tends to idealize the first man in her life, to compare her fans with him (and this comparison, alas, is often not in their favor). Sometimes Olga remains under the rule of her first love for many years, since it is beyond her power to destroy the image of the handsome prince she created, who, unfortunately, as a result of a negative coincidence, did not become her husband.

Olga is too emotional, always in love and is unable to separate sex from love. She seeks to reach the peak of pleasure in sex, known only to a select few, therefore she is often dissatisfied with her sexual relationships.

The most temperamental "summer" women, they are less happy than others in intimate life; those born in winter are calmer. Olga is not hypersexual, but sex means too much to her mental health and overall health. If the partner does not fully satisfy Olga, she is capable of falling into depression or just getting sick.

Having married, Olga shows herself as a faithful wife, cooks well, although she does not really like this occupation. It is much more interesting for her to go to the theater or visit an exhibition with her husband and children.

Her mother-in-law often dislikes her, but Olga treats her husband's relatives with some degree of indifference. The leading role in the family is inferior to her husband, but she does not tolerate advice in purely female affairs - this is the only thing that can make Olga mad.


Bright red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Aquarius.


The word Olga gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, majestic, strong, brave, mighty, big, bright.

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