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Meaning of the name

Oles translated from Greek means "defender".


In childhood, a calm child, there are no problems with him. Curious. By nature, he is similar to his mother and closer to her psychologically. Loves active games, outdoor activities. In the summer - football, swimming, in the winter - skiing, skating.

Emotional, loves intellectual games - chess, puzzles, charades, crosswords. He enjoys reading adventure literature, watching films. He is serious, reasonable, philosophical about various life situations. In adulthood, Oles strives to achieve high results.

Oles defends his point of view, is principled. If someone was mistaken, he was wrong, he demands a public admission of mistakes, waits for an explanation or an apology. Otherwise, he breaks all ties with the offender. In his work, he is executive, conscientious, and requires the same from others.

He is distrustful of new acquaintances, careful in choosing friends. Before taking on a new business, he thinks over every little thing, hones the line of behavior. Skillfully controls his emotions.

Often, graduating with honors from a higher educational institution, he works in a completely different specialty. He skillfully communicates with people, rarely shows impulsiveness (it may be associated with someone's deception or dishonesty).

Born in winter, Oles is impatient in conversation, can interrupt, wishing to come to the truth as soon as possible. He is straightforward in his statements, does not like to judge a person for the eyes. If at work he is constantly haunted by failures, he can drop everything and leave. Kind towards the weak and disadvantaged. In his youth, his career is difficult, reveals his talent after thirty years.

Marries late (only the "summer" starts a family earlier - after twenty-five). Girls are born in marriage. In his personal life, he is not too happy, the first marriage may be unsuccessful. Sensitive and vulnerable even at the peak of success. Vain, but self-critical. Internally contradictory (especially "December").

Sometimes he is overly judicious, likes to give advice to others, takes an active part in the lives of friends and relatives, which prevents him from sorting out his personal affairs. He works as an auditor, journalist, physicist, electronics engineer, head of a research institute, theater artist, television director, doctor. Does not strive for high positions, although it can be an excellent leader. Reliable in work, devoted to his work.


Oles is jealous and can, for this reason, break the bond with his partner, although later he often regrets it. Oles is excellent at keeping fit; if sexual contact with a woman does not work out, he does not dwell on bad experiences, but looks for the cause of the breakdown.

Having experienced an orgasm, Oles can feel deep devotion to her partner. He is a supporter of equal interaction with a woman and achieving a mutual orgasm; here a lot depends on her.

For Oles, a preliminary close acquaintance with a partner, disinterestedness and trouble-free relations, as well as a cozy atmosphere are important. He never immediately starts sexual intercourse, loves to exchange various caresses, the most wonderful sensations arise when an inventive, generous friend touches various parts of his body.

Olesya likes tenderness, gentle words, stroking, he is excited by touching his partner's chest and gentle kisses. He is endowed with great sensitivity, his rich inner world is full of experiences and contrasts, including erotic ones, sex is not the last place in him.

Olesya's sensuality excites a woman, she goes crazy with him. But he imperceptibly reflects any attempts to penetrate his inner world, leaves, letting his partner understand that he values ​​his freedom.

Creating a family union, he scrupulously analyzes all its prospects, starting with intimacy. He is jealous, but loves to solve all family matters calmly.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Oles gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, light, light, gentle.

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