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Andreevichs are usually creative people. They have musical talent, they sing well. Andreevichs have a good imagination, which allows some of them to become good artists and writers.

These men are kind and non-conflicting. In dealing with people, they prefer to avoid quarrels by simply avoiding painful issues. Listening is clearly not one of their talents.

Do not be surprised if suddenly your interlocutor - Andreevich turns around and just leaves. Although they themselves are eloquent and love to use their gifts, they can easily convince the interlocutors of their point of view.

They prefer a solid approach in their work. They are close to the saying - "the quieter you go - the further you will be." In general, the Andreevichs are not distinguished by strong characters, they are often pessimistic, grumpy, and it is not easy to win their trust. But the Andreevichs trust their friends unconditionally.

Late marriages are typical for them. At the same time, they often fall under the heel of the wife, since they themselves are soft and pliable. Such marriages are usually short-lived, when their wives want to see not a creative nature, always hovering somewhere in the sky, but a businesslike economic man. In family discord, Andreevichs usually do not admit that they are wrong, because they love themselves and do not allow the thought of their mistakes.

This woman is a typical extrovert, however, against the background of such qualities as kindness, openness, sociability, she can be quite modest and not like to flaunt all her virtues.

Andreevna try to be neat in everything, be it home, work or their own appearance. They always look after themselves carefully, like to feel attractive and receive compliments from men.

Such women, as a rule, have a flexible and resourceful mind, which allows them to always show their best side, and this makes it possible to easily move up the career ladder.

However, personal life is not always successful, men can be taken lightly, quickly part with one partner and immediately start looking for another.

The first marriage can bring emotional experiences to Andreevna and often ends in divorce, but happiness often comes with a second marriage.

"Winter" Andreevny - these are often beautiful women, caring mothers and they often have boys. And those who were born in the summer can sometimes fall under the harmful influence of alcohol, but a sober mind does not allow them to morally fall.

Andreevna spend their free time either reading books, solving crossword puzzles, or they can visit an interesting exhibition, go to the theater, circus, cinema.

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