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The Efremovichs most of all adore personal comfort, they do not need difficulties and obstacles in life and at work, they find it difficult to overcome them. And they can’t go deeply into some things. Give them an assignment, arrange everything in steps and in steps, and it will be done in an exemplary manner.

When a non-standard situation arises, the Efremovichi may fall into a stupor, waiting for its clarification, they prefer to carefully digest any information that appears, think it over before using it. In general, these are very practical men who do not tolerate too much around them.

Do not try to surprise Efremovich with a surprise gift, it may even scare him, he will prefer a well-known, perhaps even approved by himself, present.

Likewise, in the matter of doing business, this is a meticulous, careful man who prefers certainty, punctual and requires it from others. The Efremovichs are good friends, ready for a lot for the sake of their comrades.

They rarely marry more than once, because they are good husbands - who value family, excellent hosts and fathers. The Efremovichs try to maintain good relations, both with their relatives and with those of their wife.

They don't really like to visit, although they themselves are quite hospitable. They prefer to relax at home, since it is not for them to jump off the spot and go on a trip, however, a small trip to their relatives is possible, provided that they live nearby.

These women are the real mistresses of the house, one might even say that the house is their element. They are very gentle, soft, feminine people who love to sew, cook, hospitable hostesses.

It happens that after marriage, the Efremovna leave their job and devote themselves to the family, as they are not particularly ambitious. In the event that the owners of this patronymic occupy a leading position, they are tolerant and respectful of their subordinates, delving into their problems and not exerting unnecessary pressure.

In general, the Efremovny prefer to remain in the background, since they do not need the noise around their person. They are kind, sociable and not spiteful and do not weave intrigues, envy is also unusual for them.

These women often forgive the weaknesses and mistakes of others, but do not allow themselves to do so. However, they can never forgive betrayal, although, in essence, they are not vindictive.

Efremovna usually has many friends, but there are no enemies at all, these are sociable women who love cheerful companies. The owners of this patronymic prefer to keep abreast of all the news related to their family and friends, they will always help, having learned about some problems from friends.

Efremovna is not in a hurry to get married, preferring to wait for their Only Prince. And, I must say, most often they succeed.

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