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People with such a patronymic are very cheerful, bright people, from whom good noise and fun are pouring down. The Efimovichs always sincerely believe in the best, but failures are not capable of breaking them, rather they are capable of causing another batch of jokes.

A bad mood does not stay with the Efimovich for a long time, because they are sure that behind the dark stripe there will certainly come a light one. These men practically do not have enemies, but they are full of friends and just friends.

When they meet, the Efimovichs love to greet loudly and cheerfully, they can pat on the back, and not just dryly shake hands. A natural place for owners of such a middle name are noisy and cheerful companies, parties, where they feel like a fish in water.

The Efimovichi are not averse to having a drink in such a company, and then taking part in gambling or becoming indefatigable storytellers, of course, at the same time cheating a little.

In general, at work these are valuable employees, smart, savvy, who do not disdain large volumes, although they usually do not particularly strive for career growth.

The Efimovichs are excellent friends - generous and magnanimous, not refusing to help not only close friends, but also just acquaintances. Of course, women adore these men, which is why their marriages are so fragile - after all, there are so many temptations around!

These are kind, calm women, though not very sociable. Efimovna try to avoid unnecessary quarrels and conflicts. Sometimes there is a feeling that these women have a desire in their blood to provide all possible help to others.

Often even they choose the profession of a doctor, since there I can fulfill my need for care and guardianship. Therefore, both friends and acquaintances trust them - after all, they will always help, even to the detriment of their interests.

They try to give as much as possible to their work, for this, as well as for honesty and decency, and colleagues appreciate them. The Efimovna will never gossip or speak badly about someone, but about those whom they love and value, these women will not want to listen to anything.

With disputes, the owners of this patronymic keep their line, and with good reasoning, there are ways to convince the interlocutor that they are right, although they themselves listen to the arguments of the opposite side. Efimovna are big women of fashion, therefore they dress brightly and creatively, which leads to the fact that fans always curl around them.

When they get married, they never choose selfish motives, but always look for their love. Usually marriage is one, although their jealousy often shakes the marriage. In general, they value family ties, therefore, when it is difficult to experience discord, they usually make compromises.

It often happens that Efimovna has a large family, since this is a loving and not strict mother. These women love to have a rest together with their large and friendly family, they value tranquility, preferring to create (sing, play musical instruments) only for their family.

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