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These men are very gentle and kind. They will never be seen angry or furious. Feliksovichs are rare conservatives, they do not like drastic changes in their lives.

These men, they are attached to what is dear to them, parting is hard for them, and besides, they are sensitive. These men are poorly versed in people, tend to idealize them.

In cases when life throws off the clothes they are used to, it becomes stormy and difficult, the Felixovichs can simply fall into a stupor.

These men choose a profession for themselves measured and calm, in which all responsibilities are clearly spelled out and there is no place for accidents. These men show themselves to be very diligent and diligent, sometimes doing everything too carefully.

The owners of such a patronymic do not like to change their place of work, and even more so in their specialty, it happens that they do the same thing all their lives, while absolutely not making a career, since they do not like to catch the eye of their superiors.

The Felixovichs have many friends who help them to believe in themselves. Feliksovichs are inherently insecure, they constantly think that they are interfering with someone, they constantly apologize, consider themselves unworthy of the attention of other, busy people.

Therefore, communication with women is especially difficult for them, which leads many such men to generally celibate. Rather, some woman will choose them and marry herself. In such families, the wife completely subjugates her husband.

Often the owners of this patronymic live with their parents, they also love animals very much, which is why they have either an aquarium, or cats, or birds at home.

Feliksovny is the soul of any company. She is loved and welcomed everywhere for her cheerful, gentle character.

These women are rare talkers, but for some reason, everyone is fun and interesting next to them. True, they are fickle and optional, having given a promise, they can immediately forget about it.

The Feliksovnas suffer from a lack of concentration; in general, there is a lot of chaos in their lives. They are big lovers of reading, although they read everything in a row, without some kind of system, they absolutely do not use the acquired knowledge.

At a young age, they study well, but not due to perseverance, but due to their natural ingenuity and quick wit. Already at work, these women also show themselves - they are good specialists, constantly distracted by extraneous matters.

This prevents them from advancing in their careers. But the Feliksovnas are not very upset about this, since they still allow themselves to be realized in their familiar environment.

These women are good friends, selfishness is alien to them, they can help those in trouble, even to the detriment of themselves. Moreover, their philanthropy can extend to completely unfamiliar people.

The Feliksovna marry early, but their first marriage is usually unsuccessful. They do not stand out as housewives, but they are the best mothers that you can only wish for children.

Due to their love for children, the Feliksovny even often choose a profession related to raising children.

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