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Ilyichs are phlegmatic people, with strong nerves, not prone to excessive emotions. They are characterized by modesty, respect for others' opinions, unobtrusiveness.

Ilyichs rarely have conflicts and skirmishes at work, they do not seek to occupy leading positions. If this happens, then, as it were, by itself, without their active participation in this.

These men are very attentive to little things, they are punctual themselves. Ilyich will never be late for an appointment, and he himself will be very upset if an acquaintance is late.

The owners of such a middle name are very well versed in people, therefore, there are never random people among their friends, and quarrels and partings with acquaintances are very rare.

In work Ilyichs do not hesitate to engage in seemingly monotonous activities. Accountants and design engineers often come out of them, as they are calm and patient.

And the ability to clearly state one's thoughts leads to the fact that good lawyers come out of Ilyichi. They always help colleagues in difficult situations, without looking for additional benefits for themselves.

For these men, the best pastime on vacation will be being in nature, among pets, Ilyichs are very fond of dogs and horses.

These are very impulsive, emotional women who like to take on different things, have several hobbies. They are characterized by a certain irritability to the circumstances or people that interfere with them, and she simply does not know how to avoid conflicts, since a sense of tact is not their strong point.

These women often lose their temper and can throw a scandal out of the blue. Ilyinichny are demanding in relation to others more than in relation to themselves, these women do not like to go around the bush, directly expressing what they think.

Friends are drawn to them for help, because Ilyinichna always helps those who need her, her advice, but often these women suffer because of their honesty.

The owners of this middle name are wonderful wives, they are characterized by loyalty, she will not change husbands, like gloves, in search of a better option, but her solicitude can be overly intrusive.

Ilyinichny, born in the fall, usually makes some career path, occupying not the highest, but rather significant places. These women do not like grumbling people, she is strict and diplomatic herself.

Ilyinichny, born in winter, are lazier, but much more sociable, taking advantage of the love of colleagues and friends. These women like to spend time at a party, at concerts and in theaters.

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