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These men are very calm, self-confident. They have no problems communicating with people, they always have many good friends who can help at any time or borrow money.

Themselves, these men also help those in need, and always disinterestedly. At work, the Fedorovichs appear as executive employees who will fulfill the assignment on time, but you should not rush them, they prefer to do it slowly, but thoroughly.

These men cannot quickly get together and change their activities in coordination, they are attached both to people and to their workplace. Therefore, many Fedorovichs often spend their entire lives in the same workplace.

These men are soft, it is easy to offend them, they can not always stand up for themselves. Unfortunately, the owners of this patronymic do not have luck, so they achieve everything with their own work.

These men get married already in adulthood, carefully approaching the issue of choosing a spouse. Usually their marriage is the only one, since the Fedorovichs are very holding on to their family, trying to extinguish all conflicts through compromises.

These men are not very zealous owners, although they like to raise children.

These women give the impression of calm, balanced people who are confident in themselves and certainly cannot break loose. However, this is not entirely true, if the feelings boiling inside them take over them completely, then an angry fury may appear before you.

Fedorovna can say a lot of offensive things in a fit of anger, but, to her credit, I must say that she quickly withdraws and realizes her misdeeds, while sincerely apologizing for her behavior.

At work, the owners of this patronymic are distinguished by a rare commitment and discipline - even if Fedorovna promises something, she will certainly fulfill the promise, but she demands the same from others.

In communicating with other people, these women are friendly, they will never refuse help, they are simple and sincere. They usually marry dissolute weak-willed people who are helped in every possible way, sometimes even doing easy work for them.

At home, in addition to his duties, he often performs male duties - he can hammer in a nail or fix furniture without waiting for her spouse to deign to do this. They love to relax alone in nature or on long journeys.

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