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Men with the patronymic Ippolitovich have a strong sense of responsibility and justice. By nature, these are strong, persistent and courageous people, striving in everything for order and harmony.

They do not like to quarrel and conflict, they themselves always try to get away from strife and help others to improve relationships. From childhood, the Ippolitovich people get used to being responsible for their actions and try to behave with dignity and nobleness in any situations.

This is a kind of people who will never do anything or talk just like that, in order to show off. Everything, in their opinion, should happen in order to achieve a certain goal.

Such men are quite reliable and do not throw words to the wind, you can easily rely on them and are not afraid that they will let you down. In the professional field, the Ippolitovichs are distinguished by their accuracy and utmost attentiveness to the work performed, in which they can work all their lives and become real specialists in their field.

These are interesting personalities, but not too sociable, they do not have many friends, but those that have been tested more than once. Men of this kind, despite the fact that they are attracted to women, do not often have romances and get married, as a rule, rather late.

They enter into marriage once and we can say it is successful. In everyday life, they are distinguished by the fact that they are jack of all trades, the Ippolitovichs devote a lot of time to their beloved wife and children and try to do everything so that their loved ones do not need anything.

Women with the patronymic Ippolitovna are distinguished by a difficult, one might even say explosive and aggressive character. Their excessive emotionality and impressionability do not always play into their hands, and sometimes even interfere too much when communicating with other people.

Ippolitovna does not like and does not know how to listen to other people's opinions, does not follow clever and competent advice from more experienced people, sometimes acts contrary to common sense, which makes it worse only for herself.

These women are quite accurate in work and business, but otherwise irresponsible and unnecessary, which does not cause respect from colleagues and bosses. Therefore, the Ippolitovna, although they strive for career heights, rarely reach them.

Plus, to achieve what they want, women with such an ambiguous character are hindered by frequent mood changes: either they are in a good mood and are happy with everything, or they can suddenly become irritable and begin to commit rash acts.

Ippolitovny often fail, both in work and in personal life, because of which they can worry for a long time. Despite its visual appeal and ability to attract the attention of men, relationships with the opposite sex do not always work out well.

These women sometimes get married several times, and, as a rule, everything ends in divorce. Moreover, men are not always to blame for this, which is why the Ippolitovites should learn to look at themselves from the outside.

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