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Markovichi are very calm people whose self-confidence is difficult to shake. These men perfectly control their emotions, it even seems that they do not exist at all, however, they are very sensual people who simply hide themselves behind an impregnable wall.

Behind the external indifference to everything that happens next to them lies simply tact and unwillingness to interfere in other people's affairs, as well as a rare observation.

Markovich knows his strength and will never undertake an impossible job, will not provide assistance, knowing that this will not bring the desired result.

These men are characterized by diplomacy, they know the value of their word and will never throw words to the wind. The interlocutor is treated with attention and interest, but it is difficult to say what Markovich is really thinking about.

They are not shirts-guys, they do not like to be in sight, but, nevertheless, they maintain stable contact with others. The Markovichi are very ambitious, they quickly make a career, thanks to their hard work and ingenuity.

They marry at a mature age, approaching this issue extremely responsibly. The Markovichi are practically ideal husbands, both economic and loving children.

Women with such a middle name are distinguished by a calm, judicious character. They are smart, they love order and cleanliness. Markovna are very practical women who know the value of their time, but this quality of them does not turn into greed.

You can even say that these are generous people, however, only with family and friends. Markovna are very hardworking women who have the quality to solve those problems that everyone else refuses, while the owners of such a patronymic are also lucky.

They may envy successful acquaintances, but this will only serve as a new challenge for their activities. The Markovna strive to make a career, which they succeed.

As a leader, these women show themselves to be strict but fair bosses, often even financially rewarding employees for achievements.

Markovna are born leaders by nature, showing themselves since school. These are talented women who almost always successfully realize their potential.

Such women practically never have real friends, one or two close friends and that's it, but Markovna is completely open with them and is ready for anything.

When they get married, these women strive to maintain their independence, which can cause conflicts with her husband, up to a divorce, which she goes without hesitation.

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