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These men stand firmly on their feet, knowing their worth, not trying to look like who they are not. Kuzmich people are characterized by modesty, they do not like to extol their successes and dignity. They prefer to be in the shade, and, without undue attention, go about their business.

Kuzmich people are sincere, do not like to deceive and dissemble, they are fair, therefore they are often called as a third party to resolve disputes. These men work eagerly, they are very executive, they are not afraid of large volumes, they grasp new things on the fly.

Kuzmichi are rather reserved people, preferring to keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves. These men even say little, only to the point.

The owners of this middle name are real friends, even if they are not shouting about their loyalty at every corner, but they are loyal and reliable. True, due to their isolation, such men themselves do not have so many comrades and close acquaintances, besides, each of them is also examined in detail, it takes a long time to grind.

Kuzmichs are critical both to themselves and to others, however, they do not like to find fault in vain, often forgiving people their shortcomings.

These men are not favorites of the weaker sex, due to their isolation, but, having finally found their chosen one, they make her truly happy, living a successful family life. These are strong owners and stern, but loving their children, fathers.

These are very lively, spontaneous women, whose actions are guided by impulse, emotions. Kuzminichny is always there where some bright noisy events take place, where there are a lot of people, loud sounds.

These are people with a rich imagination that lives in her head and what she will undertake the next minute, no one can guess. Owners of such a middle name are often carried away by new ideas and activities, trying to attract acquaintances to this.

Well, if the Kuzminichny starts doing something, then, be sure, they will throw everything to the task, forgetting about time, meetings, and business. True, they can just as quickly and cool down to their hobby.

These women have a good "hanging tongue", they can convince anyone, anything, they themselves will argue to the last, even on quite obvious reasons. Kuzminichny love their friends so much that they rush to help them even when it is not required, but this does not bother them in the least.

The owners of this middle name are smart and talented, they are lucky, therefore, having found their way, they easily reach the heights, this is facilitated by their perseverance and hard work. Kuzminichny often become bosses, however, a little picky.

Due to the great confusion in their lives, the family life of these women is not very successful, besides, they are not very good housewives. But the children are taken care of for so long that it can even harm them. They love to relax in noisy companies, organize parties themselves, they love adventure.

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