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The Platonovichs are very sedate, calm people, immersed in their own world, invented by them. The owners of this patronymic are irreplaceable listeners, but they themselves do not like to rant, rarely speaking and to the point.

These men are very hardworking, they take with perseverance where they cannot take wit. The owners of this middle name are often lucky, and usually they achieve what they undertake.

Such qualities of this man as honesty and decency also help to achieve success.

The Platonovichs are very kind and a little sentimental. A sad melodrama or a heartfelt story can even make this man cry.

The Platonovichs are friendly to people, not suffering from rancor or feelings of envy or jealousy.

These men love new experiences. The Platonovichs will gladly go on a long business trip or make new acquaintances.

The Plotonovichs are very sociable, as they have a sense of humor, they know how to amuse and entertain guests. Usually they have a good ear for music, they love to sing, they often play some musical instruments.

In marriage, these men are happy, they do not seek adventure on the side. Platonovichs are excellent owners, they love to take care of children.

These women don't like fuss. They hardly understand their eccentric girlfriends chirping about nothing.

Although the owners of this middle name seem a little harsh and withdrawn in themselves, in fact they just carefully observe what is happening, noticing everything that is happening around them.

The Platonovs are well versed in people, so they have no problems with betraying friends. These women have few friends, but they are all reliable and time-tested, but she herself pays her friends the same.

At work, these women are executive, performing tasks, albeit without glitter, but sedately, efficiently. Platonovs have no career streak, do not like to overwork and show off their achievements to their superiors.

These women marry late, somehow without thinking about finding a life partner. Often they even enter into a marriage of convenience, hoping that feelings will come later.

In marriage, the owners of such a middle name show themselves to be economical, often even stingy housewives who do not particularly like guests. The husband, of course, is dressed and the children are fed, but Platonovna will not allow to show off, spending money on bright outfits or entertainment.

Such a course of marriage can unexpectedly destroy a whirlwind romance, when all the framework is suddenly forgotten and women are given over to passion, forgetting about duty, family ...

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