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Men with the patronymic Konstantinovich are distinguished by their serious and prudent approach to any business. They are moderately strict and business people striving for order.

At the same time, Konstantinovich is kind, sympathetic and will never refuse help to anyone who needs it. As a rule, these are naturally talented and gifted people, but they do not always manage to realize themselves to the end and fully reveal themselves.

The Konstantinovichi try to approach their work with all responsibility and accuracy; such men make good and competent specialists who thoroughly know their business. Pride and a share of vanity all the time make the Konstantinovichs prove to themselves and those around them that they are better and always one step ahead of the rest.

In noisy companies, men with such a character do not get lost, they know how to maintain a conversation, have fun and easily win over people, therefore Konstantinovichi always have a lot of friends. They are successful with women, but they prefer long-term and serious relationships to frivolous relationships, which eventually end in marriage.

The Konstantinovichs get married more often than twice, but after the divorce they maintain good relations with their wives and try to help both her and the children. In family life, these are calm, reasonable, hardworking men and caring, loving fathers.

Women with a patronymic Konstantinovna are distinguished by purposefulness, stubbornness and the ability to do everything on time and extremely accurately. People of this kind of character love order in everything and in life they always strive to achieve what they want, for the sake of achieving their goals they are ready, if not for everything, then for a lot.

Konstantinovna love to win in everything, in a dispute they always try to persuade an opponent to their side and prove the correctness of their own beliefs. Despite the seeming toughness and inaccessibility, these women are very sociable and know how to get along with people, they have many friends and are always welcome in any company.

Responsiveness is another good quality of Konstantinovna, people always come to them for help, practical advice, or just for the opportunity to speak out. True, although these women are naturally endowed with beauty and intelligence, their love of arguments and the desire to dominate relationships sometimes scare men away.

Yes, and the Konstantinovna themselves spend a long time sorting out applicants for the hand and heart, and in the end they do not always get married successfully. However, they become devoted and caring wives, strict but fair mothers and good housewives.

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