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These men are not supporters of intrigue and undercover games. They are very simple, and this is their strength.

The Prokhorovichi are quite straightforward, they always say what they think. They do not like the insincerity of people, they show themselves as fighters against gossip, rudeness, lies.

Themselves extremely hardworking, the Prokhorovichi hate lazy people. Holders of such a middle name are valued in the team, because they are very demanding not only of others, but, first of all, of themselves.

These men are distinguished by the ability to make important decisions quickly, thanks to the ability to analyze and assess the situation.

Prokhorovichi easily get to know people, they have many friends and acquaintances. These men easily help acquaintances, but often not disinterestedly.

The Prokhorovichi love to rest on their travels, and without a family, they do not like to read at all. These men have a craving for new things, so they like popular science television programs.

Prokhorovichi love to visit, sometimes visiting their old friends even unexpectedly, but getting to their house is very difficult - the owner will find a hundred reasons why he cannot or will be absent.

In marriage, they are usually happy not on the first try, but on the second. Prokhorovichs prefer to earn money, but do not burden themselves with housework and raising children.

These women are distinguished by independence, they prefer to determine their own destiny. Often the Prokhorovns do not need protection and guardianship, as they can stand up for themselves.

These women always have their own opinion about what is happening, and it is extremely difficult to get him to change. The Prokhorovna are principled women who confirm their beliefs with deeds.

These women are distinguished by practicality, they like to save money and will not buy expensive trinkets. The Prokhorovns, already getting a job, make a good first impression, further confirming it with their high-quality work.

These women usually have a "masculine" mindset, they are interested in technology, computers. The Prokhorovns successfully make their careers, they know how to carefully choose the means and people for this.

These women provide all kinds of attention to their loved ones, for strangers, however, you can rarely wait for attention and help from her. The owners of this middle name have few friends, although they easily get to know and communicate with people.

They cannot find themselves married, therefore, being in constant search of a husband, they have several marriages. For such women, the house and family do not really matter at all, but conflicts with her husband are frequent, since Prokhorovna constantly tries to impose her opinion on him.

The Prokhorovns are very fond of animals, so they usually have either a dog or a cat at home.

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