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Men with the patronymic Rostislavovich are simple, open and a little simple-minded people by nature. They are completely ingenuous, do not know how to hide their emotions and try to do everything for others, sometimes forgetting about themselves.

This is often used by others, but the Rostislavovichs do not see anything wrong with this, continuing to help and solve other people's problems. Such men are slightly lazy, they never overwork and look for easy ways, choosing a simple specialty, where they do not need to think and work a lot.

Their frivolity, naivety and absent-mindedness make it difficult to achieve what they want, and in their careers the Rostislavovichs do not show much success.

At the same time, it is pleasant to communicate with them, because they do not burden others with their problems, but try to have fun and rest, not thinking about tomorrow.

In general, men of this type of character treat everything with humor and ease, not striving to have more than they already have, especially if they have enough for life and entertainment.

Rostislavovichs always take care of themselves, women like their spontaneity and passion for adventure. True, it rarely comes to a serious relationship.

They are married several times, and they get divorced due to betrayal of their wives. It is difficult for them to change an idle lifestyle for a measured and sedate family life.

Women with the patronymic Rostislavovna are somewhat melancholy and slow, they are unhurried creatures that always swing for a long time before doing something.

People like Rostislavovna live in their own world, filled with peace and quiet, it is difficult to stir them up and unbalance them. Such women avoid quarrels, conflicts or personal clashes, they do not like to raise their voices, and even more so to sort things out.

In their work, these are good employees, the Rostislavovna try to get to the very bottom of everything, do not lose sight of a single trifle, and it is precisely because of such a responsible and reasonable approach to any assignment that the bosses try to encourage them in every possible way and even give them a raise, despite not being too developed ambitious qualities of Rostislavovna.

But at the same time, these women are somewhat sluggish and do not always know how to be in the right place at the right time, which makes it impossible to receive interesting, promising and exciting offers.

Rostislavovna are delicate and of nature, they do not like noisy companies and the company of strangers, preferring to spend time alone, alone with their thoughts or a volume of poems of their favorite poet.

New people are allowed into their lives reluctantly, sometimes carefully; these women have very few friends and girlfriends. Admirers, whom, by the way, Rostislavovna has enough, she does not favor too much, preferring to remain independent and not burdened with family life.

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