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Timofeevichs are very sociable men who, however, easily take offense at careless taunts and harmless jokes. However, their grievances quickly pass.

They are desperate disputants, and it seems that the subject of the dispute itself is not very important. An important quality of Timofeevichs is their responsiveness - these people will always come to the aid of their friends.

Despite their innate talents, these men are weakly trying to develop them and truly realize themselves. It seems to them that they can work half-heartedly, while receiving a lot of money. Timofeevichs often realize themselves in art and music.

Teams love to spend time in cheerful, noisy companies, while they are prone to alcohol. After drinking, they become cheeky, talkative and boastful.

These men are real ladies' men, with a number of hobbies and novels behind their backs, they absolutely do not seek to settle down and get married. Attempts to start a family usually end in failure.

The Timofeevichs love that comfortable conditions were created for them, they themselves are also able to take care of their wife and children. They love to read and invent fairy tales for them.

These are very strong women, proud of their independence. Timofeevna are people with principles who will never give up their worldviews for profit.

The owners of this patronymic know their own worth, have sanity, which allows them to be critical not only of others, but also of themselves.

Career growth and position in society are very important for Timofeevna, therefore they are diligent and hardworking employees. They are not afraid of difficulties, on the contrary, this is a new challenge for them, which spurs them on to even greater actions.

The owners of this patronymic themselves do not like to give advice, but they also do not take hints from the outside. Timofeevna realize the weaknesses of other people, give them the right to make mistakes, without criticizing them too much for it.

However, they form their opinion about others superficially, not being particularly puzzled over the analysis of people's actions, and at the same time they change their impression with great reluctance.

Although Timofeevna spend most of the time among people, she has few friends and these are mainly men.

These women never strive to get married, since they are almost always busy with work. When they get married, they do everything to defend their independence.

As mistresses, they are not very capable, but they show skill in the art of commanding their husbands. These women love to relax in search of adventure, excitement and adrenaline.

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