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Meaning of the name

The name Peter comes from the ancient Greek word "petra" - "stone", "rock"


Peter as a child - the joy and pride of his parents - studies well and willingly, is interested in everything, is gifted musically, sings well. Many Petit are students of music schools and colleges. After leaving school, Peter continues to study successfully. Having received his education, he works in his specialty.

A leader by nature, Peter quickly gains authority in the team and the respect of his superiors. Peter has an analytical mind. The professions of a lawyer, economist, engineer are suitable for him.

Peter treats any choice in his life with responsibility, the choice of a wife for him is a long search for the ideal. Loyalty and devotion are the main qualities that the chosen one should have.

Peter's wife should be ready for her husband to constantly consult with his mother - since childhood, Peter has anxiously and with the deepest respect for his mother.

Peter is an excellent family man, but does not like homework. He treats the holidays with understanding, occasionally drinks "for the company".


Peter in love is gentle and attentive, but at the same time demanding. In his youth, Peter prefers inexperienced girls - with them he feels more confident.

With age, Peter becomes satiated with sex, he wants more home comfort and warmth.

Peter will love his wife all his life, and will constantly give her pleasure in sex and strong, indestructible support in family life.

Sex after thirty for Peter is stability, loyalty to one partner. Libido remains in Peter until old age.


Red brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Aries.


The sound of the name Peter gives the impression of something feminine, kind, sad, fast, small.

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