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Vyacheslavovichs can be called "thorny people". They find it difficult to find contact with others, never betraying their true thoughts and goals.

Friends for these men are only a means to achieve goals, using them for their own needs, they easily part with them. Usually no one is allowed to come close to oneself.

Vyacheslavovichs, under the influence of momentary emotions, often make hasty decisions and are reluctant to change them. In achieving goals, they are persistent, sometimes even too much, turning into importunity.

Vyacheslavovichi, born in summer, are softer and calmer than those born in winter.

As workers, these people are highly valued. The bosses and the team are impressed by their efficiency and loyalty to promises, punctuality, easy learning, sharp mind.

The Vyacheslavovichs are very principled and so ardently defend their point of view that they can even use their fists. Usually these men are quite perceptive and do not like very much when they try to deceive, weave intrigues behind their backs.

In the family, the Vyacheslavovichs usually do not have a quiet measured life. They often lack patience, they are prone to violent showdowns with their half.

In general, the Vyacheslavovichs can hardly be called couch potatoes. They are easy-going, love business trips and travel. You can't force such a man to spend his vacation at home on the couch.

No one ever knows what these women have in their heads, they can suddenly drop everything and switch to something else.

Also in personal relationships, Vyacheslavovna can suddenly lash out with reproaches at the interlocutor with whom she had a nice conversation a minute ago. She just suddenly had an old resentment. And it's useless to argue, it's better to just wait, since the storm will pass as quickly as it was born.

The Vyacheslavovna feel they are the masters of their own destiny, they are proud and independent. However, they are not inherent in pride, they are sociable, friendly and love to visit.

They clearly distinguish between friends and friends, of whom she has very few. And quarrels and partings with them are given to these women hard.

At a new place of work, they quickly manifest themselves, become the center of movement, ideas, provided that the work itself is to their liking.

Vyacheslavovna, born in winter, are not restless, easy-going, they are easy to seduce by participating in a friendly party. Subsequently, it may turn out that for the sake of such an event, a woman quit a profitable business or was late for a business meeting. Born in summer, such traits are much less inherent.

Those Vyacheslavovna, who were born in the fall, seemed to have absorbed all the sadness of this season. They are melancholic, sad, often write sad poetry, and generally tend to be creative.

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