Thirtieth week of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 39 cm, weight - 1500-1600 g.

Perhaps the 30th week is the peak of your baby's physical activity. Everything is explained simply: the baby becomes cramped and he tries to get comfortable. The baby is already quite "plump" - the amount of subcutaneous fat allows him to regulate body temperature even if premature birth occurs.

Usually, the child becomes more active when the mother changes her body position. If mom goes to bed, then the baby urgently needs to get settled, and you can feel how he tosses and turns, trying to find a better position. You can help him and lie on his side, placing more pillows next to him. Then the child quickly relaxes and falls asleep. And falling asleep, according to scientists, he sees the most real dreams.

When the baby is awake and not kicking, he enthusiastically plays with a wonderful toy - the umbilical cord. Sometimes, after such games, the umbilical cord makes a loop and wraps around the baby. During childbirth, it can even become dangerous, but now doctors study the ultrasound data in advance and prepare for childbirth with entanglement. By the way, many babies manage to wind up and unwind several times during pregnancy. Therefore, you should not worry in advance.

The kid continues to train the lungs and makes involuntary sighs. Often, he swallows amniotic fluid incorrectly and begins to hiccup. Mom may feel the hiccups as a faint rhythmic thump inside her belly.

The baby's eyes already quite clearly respond to light if he manages to penetrate the clothes and body of the mother. This is especially true for those children whose third trimester falls in the summer, when there is a lot of light and sun. And even those mothers who were on the beach at this time can feel how their baby moves excitedly, studying the suddenly lit space around them.

But still, do not expose yourself and your child to the sun for too long, even if summer is around and you really want to bask in the sun. Alternate sunbathing with relaxing in the shade, throw a pareo or a beach dress on your body.

Future mom

The average weight gain this week is about 10 kg. The height of the fundus of the uterus is 30 cm. This week you need to visit a doctor, take a general urine test (we will check the kidneys), do CTG and ultrasound with a Doppler, and at the same time get a sick leave necessary for registration of maternity leave.

At the 30th week, you draw up your documents for maternity leave and childbirth. You will need:

1) exchange card. According to the rules, it should already be in your hands from 28 weeks. If for some reason you did not receive it, it's time to tackle this issue. For information on the exchange card, see the article 28 weeks pregnant.

2) sick leave for obtaining maternity leave at work for 140 calendar days. According to the current rules, no matter how you want to work until 39-40 weeks, the doctor must write you a sick leave, and you must go on maternity leave. Otherwise, it will not be paid to you.

In such a slightly violent way, the state takes care of the health of the mother and baby. But many mothers at the 30th week of pregnancy themselves happily go on vacation, because it becomes too difficult to go to work with such a big belly and go through all the work stresses that are not easy to endure in a non-pregnant state.

You receive a sick leave in the LCD where you were observed, put all the necessary stamps there and take it to your HR department and accounting.

3) You also need to obtain a generic certificate. It is issued by your LCD or consultation at the clinic where you are registered. If you are observed on a paid basis, then you will have to receive a generic certificate at the place of your registration in your residential complex.

To obtain a generic certificate, you need a passport indicating Russian citizenship, a compulsory medical insurance policy and a certificate of compulsory pension insurance.

On the basis of this generic certificate, the LCD and the maternity hospital will receive a monetary payment from the state for the management of pregnancy and childbirth. And a woman with a birth certificate is now free to choose the maternity hospital that she likes, and not as before - by registration.

The certificate consists of 4 pieces of paper. Coupon 1 is intended to pay for services for the management of pregnancy and remains in the LCD, coupon 2 goes to pay for the services of a maternity hospital (if the delivery is not on a commercial basis), coupons 3-1 and 3-2 will be sent to the children's clinic after delivery, to which you will attach your baby.

If you are being observed and give birth for a fee, then you do not need a birth certificate (coupons 1-2). But this does not mean that it is not necessary to receive it, since without coupons 3-1 and 3-2 your child may not be registered in the children's clinic.

However, if you and the child will be observed for up to a year for a fee, then this does not matter. In addition, immediately after the birth of the baby, you draw up a compulsory medical insurance policy, according to which you are required to serve him under the compulsory health insurance program.

It must be remembered that even if you do not have a birth certificate, you have no right to refuse any maternity hospital if you come there to give birth. But since Russia is a bureaucratic country, the nerves can be frayed pretty well. Therefore, it is better to do everything "as it should". Get a certificate, it doesn't take much effort.

4) If you registered with the LCD before 12 weeks, then you can get a certificate and receive an additional payment to maternity payments - a mind-boggling amount of 300 rubles.

We recommend that you create a special folder for documents where you put your passport, compulsory medical insurance policy, pension certificate, exchange card, generic certificate and other documents that you may need. You can also make photocopies of each document in advance. With this folder, you will then go to the hospital.

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