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Meaning of the name

Radium in translation from ancient Greek means "sunbeam".


Radium as a child was also the heart of the company. In a family, Radiy usually has several sisters or brothers, whom he successfully manages. Cheerful, athletic child, always ready to help friends.

Radium values ​​friendship, and his many friends value strength, courage, openness, commitment in him. Born in winter, Radium usually does well in sports.

Radium has a "faithful hand" and "an eye like an eagle", it is capable of being an excellent jeweler, cabinetmaker, and chaser. Radium is hardworking and diligent. He devotes himself entirely to his favorite work, and the result exceeds all expectations. Radium is naturally talented.

Radium has absolutely no intuition. He often makes the wrong decisions, but he corrects the mistakes himself, taking it as another test.

Radium is a wonderful family man. Has an aversion to alcohol. In the chosen one, they value thrift, hard work and humility. She does not know how to recognize flattery, and constantly falls for this bait. Radium is very hospitable. He loves fun feasts with songs and toasts. At the same time, he remains completely sober.


Radium in women is attracted by humility and humility. If a woman in bed behaves freely, Radium most likely does not want to continue with her.

Radium is squeamish and careful. He has his own beauty parameters. Radium is a very addicted person. He is in sex - passion itself, besides, a dreamer and a romantic. Radium is jealous, in a fit of jealousy, he is able to commit an act, the consequences of which may be irreparable.

A supporter of a healthy lifestyle, Radium retains its shape and masculine strength until a ripe old age. Often, after sixty years, Radium becomes a father.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Taurus, Leo.


The sound of the name Radium gives the impression of something fast, moving.

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