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When television no longer knew how to surprise its viewer, a new genre was born - reality show. When the first reality show "Behind Glass" appeared in Russia, it sparked a real debate.

Some even wrote quite scientific works about the existence of people in such conditions. It has already broken all records for the duration, and issues of its ban were considered even in the highest authorities.

Today it is not enough just to lock up a few people and watch their behavior, this will no longer surprise the viewer. So quite unusual reality shows appear in Europe and America.

Large donor ("De Grote Donorshow"). Fans of the reality show genre know that it is in Holland that the most unusual such programs are invented. After all, it was there for the first time that a reality show called "Big Brother" appeared. When the program "Big Donor" appeared, even the rather liberal Dutch, familiar to everything, were outraged. The creators of the show were accused of cynicism and unethicality. The main character of the program was Eliza, a fatally ill girl from brain cancer. She decided on the air, which of the three in need of a kidney transplant to give this organ. With the help of telephone voting, viewers were asked to help the participant make her difficult choice. At the same time, it was stipulated that Eliza should share the kidney during her lifetime. The main component of the show was the decision-making procedure itself. They bombarded the girl with gifts, tried to bribe, begged and even threatened her. The “big donor” has led to a whole debate in the Dutch parliament about the admissibility of such a transfer. But the producers of the program dismissed all the accusations, stating that their show is necessary for the social life of society. After all, such a transfer should draw people's attention to the problem of the existence of queues for organs of donors. 90% of the country's population were involved in the information scandal. Over time, it was announced on the air that this reality show was just a prank. Nevertheless, it fulfilled its function - it caused a stir and drew attention to the problems of donation. And the producers were able to earn more than 10 million euros on this reality show.

Cum and Swallow ("Spuiten @ Slikken"). As already mentioned, the Dutch do not have complexes. So this reality show could only appear in the Netherlands. The host of the live program had to use drugs and have sex. After which he was told on camera about his emotions and feelings. The producer of the program, Sjorges Van den Broek, was charged with immorality. He himself stated that he did not want to attract and surprise young people at all, his task was to inform people. After watching the reality show, viewers had to understand how different drugs affect a person - heroin and LSD. It was also proposed to find out who is better at performing intimate caresses - a man or a woman. In addition to accusations of immorality, the reality show was accused of illegality, but no one found ways to bring the creators of the scandalous program to justice. The program was broadcast for a whole year on the youth channel BNN.

Russian roulette. For some reason, “Russian roulette” is more popular not in our country, but in the West. So in Britain, Derren Brown conducted a psychological experiment, playing this dangerous game on the air. The man put a Smith & Wesson 348 revolver to his head and pulled the trigger. The danger was that there was 1 round in the drum. The bullet was inserted there by one of the spectators of the show, so that everything was reliable. The show was broadcast not directly, but with a delay of several minutes. Indeed, in the event of a tragedy, the broadcast could be stopped. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Twice Brown pulled the trigger with the gun to his head. The third shot he fired into the air, the pistol misfired again. British police insisted on canceling the show as it could attract copycats. But Channel 4 could not refuse such a rating program. There were so many people who wanted to see everything with their own eyes that the audience was selected from 12 thousand people.

The island of temptations. With the help of this reality show in America, they decided to test the strength of the bonds of couples. The goal was to make people part with a loved one, for this, conditions were created around for treason. In scenario 4, unmarried couples arrive on the island, where they are immediately separated. Passionate and attractive representatives of the opposite sex await representatives of different halves in hotels. They will make acquaintances, invite out on dates and just chat. Parties will also be held there. The hired girls and guys will not mind making romantic acquaintances with the participants of the show, making every effort for this. The show turned out to be so popular that it was already sold to other countries, appearing there for several seasons.

Cats are looking for owners. This kind and unusual reality show took place in New York. Cats without owners became its participants. 10 animals were placed in the window of a supermarket on Madison Avenue. There they underwent various tests that were broadcast on television in real time. Animal Planet TV channel told about the life of cats “behind the glass”. This show was sponsored by a cat food company. On her website, you could vote for the participant you liked. I must say that the animals were kept in excellent conditions. Beds, feeders and even aquariums with fish were made especially for them. During the reality show, it was proposed to find out which of the cats is better at catching mice, which of them sleeps better or purrs the loudest. The rights of the participants were guarded by the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights, which monitored the course of tests and conditions of detention.

I am the famous snail! Leave me here ("I'm A Shellebrity - Keep Me in Here!"). Not only do animals participate in this reality show, but it also parodies another show of this genre “I am a celebrity! Take me away from here". The English comedy TV channel UKTV G2 suggested using snails as star participants. Huge African shellfish were given unusual human names - Slug Porter, Carol Slippery, Jimmy Slime, Velcro Cowell, Snail Thompson, Me-Shel Collins and Lazy Winton. They not only lived their usual lives under the supervision of television cameras, but also participated in various competitions. People asked snails to find out who would cover a distance of 10 centimeters faster or who would eat more lettuce leaves.

House of cards. Sex and any of its manifestations are a popular topic for numerous reality shows. If more than one person participates in them, then the audience simply anticipates the spicy scenes. Even if the participants are not in the mood for this, the creators will arrange all the conditions for this. But among reality shows there are those that are not partially sex-oriented, but completely. In 2007, a show called House of Cards was released in Hungary. The scene of action here was a real brothel, and real prostitutes became the participants. The show showed the everyday life of Hungarian prostitutes, including the most intimate details. The broadcast lasted for three months, after which the authorities closed it due to fear of popular unrest.

Endless hole. A wave of popular outrage led to the closure of this show in the United States. The producers were accused of licentiousness and lack of principle. The reality show talked about the relationship between guys and girls. However, all the boundaries of morality were violated by the immorality of the behavior of the participants. For example, one of the participants was infected with a certain common virus that is transmitted exclusively through sexual contact. Every week, the participants took rapid tests without realizing it. The infected guys and girls were simply kicked out of the show, while the organizers did not even explain the reasons to them. According to the producers, the winner should have been the person whose blood would not end up with that same virus. However, the matter did not come to the final. Shortly before the end of the reality show, one of the participants died under mysterious circumstances. They preferred to quickly curtail the project.

Pig life. Reality shows are popular because they expose the most secret parts of our soul. And is it possible to do without greed in such a question? The programs in which people for money jump with a bungee from the roof of skyscrapers or eat nasty insects are a thing of the past. The German show "Pig Life" invited the participants in the pursuit of a jackpot of several thousand euros to turn into the most ordinary pigs from the farm. People lived in a barn, ate garbage, sometimes even slept on the street. If for our layman such an attitude towards people would seem excessively cruel, then the Europeans took the show with a bang. Greece, the UK and France are planning to buy the transmission rights. So soon the greedy pig people will appear in other countries.

Eat, but earn. This Argentine TV show is very gambling, but also unprincipled. With its idea, it stands out from the general row. Here, too, to make money, you need to eat something, only it's not about some terrible slug or spider. Participants are encouraged to feast on their own bodies. The organizers of the reality show announced that the food in this game is what is on the body or what it produces. Clothes are not taken into account. It is better not to talk about the details of this scandalous television project, but it has become one of the most popular shows on all Argentinean television. Statistics say that every session of the reality show attracts every second TV viewer in the country.

House 2. The Russian TV company "TNT" was able to turn an ordinary reality show into a cult program, which has become a symbol of the generation. The project started in 2004. The young guys were supposed to build a house, which will go as a prize to the best couple. The motto of the project was “Build Your Love”. Every week newcomers come to the project, and some of the old participants are kicked out by voting. The show has been going on for over 8 years, becoming the longest in history. It is accompanied by numerous scandals. Gays and lesbians, criminals and drug addicts have been here. In total, more than 2 thousand young people passed through Dom-2, some of them have already died after the show, couples have formed and children have appeared. This reality show remains a highly profitable business. "Dom-2" tried to defeat the advice on morality, courts, the project is ridiculed and parodied, but it still remains the country's highest-rated reality show.

Wife Exchange. The Russian TV channel STS decided not to check couples for loyalty, like the Americans, but to immediately take and change spouses. Two married couples exchange their wives. Housewives, in addition to new husbands, also receive new children. It is very difficult, besides, couples are specially selected with different material levels and habits. A lazy spoiled wife will have to learn how to wash, cook and clean, while a simpleton will have to get used to the rules of ethics and prim life. It is only interesting how the issue of fulfilling the conjugal duty will be resolved in families? The creators hope that within 2 weeks of the experiment, its participant will have many reasons to make a row and show their emotions.



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