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Meaning of the name

Regina translated from Latin means "queen".


As a child, Regina is a kind and sweet, somewhat stubborn girl, quite mobile, but her activity does not begin in the early morning, the baby loves to soak up the bed. She is a big dreamer, very sociable, has many friends.

At school, Regina easily assimilates the material, takes a leading position in the class, enjoys authority among her classmates. However, it is difficult to call her disciplined. Regina is not inclined to hooligan antics, but she is extremely mobile and restless. With pleasure he is engaged in various sections and circles.

Adult Regina is punctual and accurate, kind, stubborn and persistent in achieving her goal. Any work is within her reach, if only the matter was connected with communication, and even better with the leadership of the team. Regina will cope with this task brilliantly, since she is a born leader.

And if the work is connected with long and frequent business trips, Regina will simply be on top of bliss, as she loves to travel. She has a well-developed intuition, rich imagination and irrepressible imagination, is very active and talented.


Charming and flirtatious Regina is a woman with great charm. Passionate and sexy, loves to command in bed, takes the initiative and seeks above all to achieve satisfaction.

Regina is in love, she is inclined to endow her chosen one with features and qualities that are completely alien to him, therefore, when the first wave of passion subsides, looking more closely at her partner, she will most likely part with him.

But negative experience teaches Regina little, she will again succumb to the persuasion of another passionate adorer, with whom she will part without regret after a while, as soon as she notices any shortcomings in him.

Regina absolutely cannot stand loneliness, so she can often be found at a disco, a party, or (most likely) as part of a tourist or excursion group.

Most likely, it was during her numerous travels, before which Regina is a great hunter, that she will meet her future husband. A short romance will end with a modest wedding, but Regina's marriages are most often fragile, she is too intolerant of the shortcomings of the chosen one. She is used to acting directly and decisively, so if family life does not work out, they break the marriage bond immediately, mercilessly.

She brings up the children herself, is clean, cooks well, but does not like to wash the dishes. He spends money wisely, but does not like to save.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Capricorn.


The word Regina gives the impression of something angular, small, cheerful, mobile, bright, joyful.

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