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Meaning of the name

Rose means "queen of flowers" in Latin.


Little Rose is very sociable, easily adapts to any circumstances (especially if she was born in the summer), and is somewhat frivolous. At school she studies without much zeal, but as she grows up, she begins to understand that education is simply necessary to achieve success in life, therefore at the university she usually makes much more effort to master knowledge than her classmates.

For Rosa, the opinion of others is very important, and Rosa will try to behave so that neither friends nor neighbors learn about her unseemly actions. He is interested in psychology, from an early youth learns to understand people and “adjust” his behavior to the character of the interlocutor.

An adult Rose is distinguished by extreme determination, somewhat fussy and not always punctual. An inborn actress, she can easily play any role in life that meets the prevailing circumstances (with the exception of "winter", in particular, December Roses - they are too straightforward to adapt to the situation in such a way, they do not succeed in pretense).

Rose is talented, hardworking and achieves success in life. Most often he chooses the profession of a teacher, translator, artist, artist, journalist, and reaches great heights in his field.


Rose is charming and pretty, she is popular with men. A crafty seducer, she loves to "play" and manipulate fans, giving hope to everyone, but not giving preference to anyone.

For the sake of her own pleasure, she can quarrel among themselves a couple of ardent admirers, she loves if they fight for her, however, it is not a fact that she will give her heart to the winner.

She can start an office romance with one of the bosses, but hardly anyone will find out about this connection - Rose does not need publicity, she is attentive and careful.

In bed, he prefers equality, shows a violent temperament and irrepressible sexual fantasy, can give a man a lot of pleasure. Sex is not the last place in the life of this passionate woman.

Having chosen a partner, Rosa looks at him adoringly, not noticing the shortcomings. Perhaps it is this position in life that is the reason that Rosa's marriage life is developing as successfully as possible. She cooks excellently, keeps the apartment in exemplary order, is extremely hospitable.

Her husband's infidelities do not affect her heart, and she herself can have a lover. The only thing that Rose is afraid of in this situation is rumors and gossip, so she will do everything so that outwardly their family gives the impression of the happiest married couple.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio.


The word Rose gives the impression of something rough, angular, majestic, heavy, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, active, bright.

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